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(vegan) Veggie Feijoada | refrigerated | 200g | 1 pax

(vegan) Veggie Feijoada | refrigerated | 200g | 1 pax

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Contents : Butter beans (contains SULPHITES), tomato, celery, turnip, savoy cabbage, carrot, onion, tomato pulp, olive oil, garlic sauce (olive oil and garlic), parsley, black pepper and salt. May contain traces of GLUTEN, MUSTARD, LUPINE and SOY.

Regeneration: Remove the product from the bag and heat it in the microwave at medium power (650W) for 3 minutes. Never heat the product in the microwave inside the bag. Alternatively, place the product in a saucepan and heat on the stove over medium heat, stirring regularly. If desired, add water and rectify the salt.

Nutrition declaration : Per serving (350g): Energy 282kcal/1173kJ; Lipids 16.1g; of which Saturated 2.3g; Carbohydrates 19.3g; Sugars 7.1g; Fiber 11.0g; Proteins 9.5g and Salt 2.1g. Per 100g: Energy 81kcal/335kJ; Lipids 4.6g; of which Saturated 0.7g; Carbohydrates 5.5g; Sugars 2.0g; Fiber 3.1g; Proteins 2.7g and Salt 0.6g.


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  • Our food preparation environments are not completely allergen-free, so there is a risk of cross-contamination
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